Gerd Köser
Studies of Civil Engineering and Transportation Planning at the Technical University of Hanover.   Final degree: Dipl.-Ing. (= M.Sc.) 1981     
1981 till 1983 First Job Experience at a Transport Operator and a Transport Association   1983 till 1994 Traffic and Transport Consultant at SNV Studiengesellschaft Nahverkehr mbH, Hamburg   1995               Formation of BfV Büro für Verkehrsplanung Dipl.- Ing. Gerd Köser   Qualifications:   •-  Professional experience and management skills in public transport planning,     organisation and operation since 1981 •-  Expert in economic studies and feasibility studies of transport systems •-  In-depth knowledge of the transportation planning model EMME     Emme/4 (License owner E520). (Traffic analyses, forecasts, assignments) •-  In-depth knowledge of feasibility of transport systems, especially in Asian     and African countries
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